Propack Semi-Solid - Dispersing / Homogenizing Machines

Investment Security right from the Start!

There are a lot of homogenizing manufacturers on the market, but there is only one manufacturer who can offer you solutions from powder to the finished product all in one.

Netzsch Vakumix offers you wet grinding, dry grinding, mixing, homogenization and dispersing from a single source, starting with laboratory scale and all the way up to large production plants.

Therefore, Netzsch Vakumix is the right and competent partner for your production.


  • Scaleable Laboratory Mixers
  • In-Line Homogenizers
  • Premix / Preparation Vessels
  • Homogenizing Mixers
  • Fine and Nano Grinding Plants
    Agitator Bead Mills DeltaVita, High Density Bed Jet Mill ConJet, Fine Impact Mill ConDux
  • Dispersing plant Omega

We accompany you throughout your product development, from tests on our scale-up-capable laboratory equipment to the validated large batches in production.

Netzsch Vakumix has the equipment and menpower to design the processes together with you!


The quality of your emulsion depends largely on the quality of the homogenizer. Only with optimum utilization of the shear energy can the required liquid droplet size and size distributions be achieved.