Propack Solids - Tablet Presses

KORSCH focuses on its core competency of tablet compression technology. This focus and resulting experience base is the foundation for the broadest and most innovative product line for tablet compression technology. Single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer, and core-coated tablets in one machine is only one example why they are called “the specialist”.


  • Product Development Machinery
    Equipment specially designed for initial feasibility and development of new products
  • Scale-Up Machinery
    Machines for scale-up operations and medium-sized charges
  • Production Machinery
    Equipment specially designed for high speed, 24/7 fully automated production
  • Multilayer Tablet Presses
    Machines designed for multilayer tablet compression with up to 5 layers
  • WIP and Containment Machinery
    Washing in place und high-cotainment (OEB 4 and 5) for highly active or potent compounds
  • Technical Rotary Presses
    Extremely sturdy and stable machine designed for industrial operation