Propack Solids - Handling Equipment

Perfect Handling – from L.B. Bohle

Our system partner L.B. Bohle offers optimum handling solutions for all production processes in the field of solids. A variety of containers and lifting systems are used.


  • Lifting Columns HS
    • The stationary lifting hoists are designed for universal handling of various containers, drums, etc. They are designed according to cGMP standards and impress with their easy operation
  • Rob 50 – robotic system for handling of tablet containers
    • The ROB 50 is a robotic system for handling of tablet containers, to close the gap between the tablet press and film coating process. It optimizes production time, reduces costs and avoid risks in the production process
  • Pharma Universal Cleaning System PUR
    • The Universal Cleaning System guarantees best cleaning results and can be easily used for various container sizes and shapes
  • Telescope mobile lifter PTH and PH
    • The mobile lifters with electric drive for handling containers and pallets ensure comfortable load transport
  • Intermediate Bulk Container and tablet- and capsule containers
    • Best quality and first-class manufacture
    • Transport and storage containers, blending containers, stainless steel containers, round or square, different cone angles, for mass flow, drums
      mobile and stationary containers in various designs and sizes

Lifting Columns HS