Propack Solids - Granulation Systems

Efficient and Economical Granulation Systems

Our system partner L.B. Bohle offers, among other products in the field of pharmaceutical solids, high-quality granulation systems in the wet and dry granulation sector.

The product systems are characterized by their ease of use and cost-effectiveness. In addition, the entire product range of L.B Bohle can be expanded manifold.

The Advantages in Summary:

  • comprehensive product program
  • easy to handle
  • very economical and efficient
  • various options and product extensions




  • Fluid Bed System BFS
    • With the Bohle Uni Cone BUC® process, the fluid bed system of L.B. Bohle for granulation and drying was optimized for pharmaceutical applications.
  • High Shear GMA
    • Effective granulator optimized for pharmaceutical applications
  • Single Pot VMA
    • Mixing, granulation and drying cycles are completed in a single machine
  • Compact Unit
    • BFS and GMA build right next to each other to ensure minimal footprint and minimized room height