Propack Solids - Filmcoating Machines

Bohle Coater – First-class product processing with high profitability

Our system partner L.B. Bohle will treat the three essential filmcoating processes spraying, mixing and drying carefully and in coordination with each other. They will offer the best combination of the processing operations on the market.

The Bohle Coaters offer first-class product processing with high profitability due to their high quality and innovative design

The Advantages in Summary:

  • first-class product processing with high profitability
  • flat tablet bed
  • constant movement of the content
  • reduced spray losses and improved structure of the coating
  • gentle treatment of the tablets
  • complete emptying of the tablets




  • Bohle Film Coater
    • BFC – high-end coating
      • The high-end version of the Bohle coater designed speicifically for high speed, problem-free coating, providing unparalleled tablet uniformity and efficiencies
    • BFC 5 – laboratory coater
      • The stand-alone unit with incorporated air handling, electrical and control systems
    • TriPan
      • very flexible coating unit which can be operated with three pans
      • Batch sizes: 7 to 75 liter
  • Bohle Tablet Coater BTC – the economical choice
    • The patented technique garantuees up to 35-percent shorter pharmaceutical processing times