Propack Solids - Dust Collectors for the Pharmaceutical Industry


TRM Filter is a manufacturer of high-quality dedusting filter systems, specialized in the pharmaceutical industry. Through decades of tradition and experience, they have developed a broad product portfolio that is also suitable for other industries (chemical, biotechnology and similar). Their main areas of expertise are containment, explosion safety and HEPA filtration. The pinnacle of their engineering achievements is the proprietary ROTATRONIC – Smart Filter Cleaning Technology. Its efficiency provides a lower total cost of ownership through longer filter element life, lower energy consumption, less maintenance and less waste.

Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and technology OEMs have entrusted them with their challenges, which they have successfully solved in line with their company slogan “PURE TRUST”.



ECR – Total pharma dedusting filter systems

ECR dedusting filter systems are designed for filtration of process air or other gasses, predominantly in the production of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms (fluid bed coating, tablet compression, drum coating, etc.) and similar demanding processes with formation of the challenging dust in the chemical industry. They have been developed with occupational health and safety in mind. They can be opted with containment provisions to meet OEL requirements well below 1 μg/m³.



ECB – dedusting filter systems for difficult dust and demanding requirements

The dedusting filter systems of the ECB series can be used a wide range of applications. Wherever the process dusts are sticky, hygroscopic, moist, agglomerating (bridging) or toxic, the dedusting systems (dust collectors) of the series ECB are a robust and high-quality choice. They can be configured to meet requirements up to OEB4 in pharmaceutical or other production environments.


ECH – Occupational hygiene dedusting filter units

ECH dedusting filter units are mainly intended for use in pharmaceutical production. They are particularly suitable for localized usage at solids handling, dosage formulation and packaging processes of biologically highly active compounds. With their wide range of containment solutions, they provide highest level of occupational safety.


ECK – HEPA grade passive filter units with containment capability

ECK passive filter units are suitable for secondary (or even tertiary) level of filtration with a wide range of airflows. They typically function as final filters after the main dust collector where the filtration requirements are at the highest level. At lower dust levels, however, they can also be used as stand-alone filter units. They can be equipped with containment provisions when processing HPAPI’s.

ECM – All-in-one highly compact dedusting filter units

ECM compact dedusting units are stand-alone, ready-to-use, robust solutions typically used in non-critical pharmaceutical applications in general industry (chemicals, metals, plastics, composites, etc.) and in custom OEM applications.


ECS – High vacuum dedusting filter units

The ECS series dust collectors are meant for pneumatic conveying and central vacuuming in different production environments, including pharmaceutical industry. Their robust construction makes them the first choice for demanding applications requiring high vacuum and/or explosion protection.