Propack Solids - Containment Valves

The ChargePoint® containment valve technology is used in wide range of apllications in the most demanding production environments where operator safety, product quality and process safety are the focus.

ChargePoint containment valves offer a proven method for the transfer of powder, granular and semi-solid ingredients within GMP manufacturing of cytotoxics, antibiotics and hormonal therapies ensuring the safe handling of a wide range of ingredients: Highly Potent Active Ingredients (HPAPI), Seeds, Intermediates, Tablets, Capsules

Safe handling without compromise

Critical containment performance targets and other key process requirements are realised with ChargePoint valves and a range of options and accessories:

  • High containment to nanogram levels
  • WIP (Washing In Place)
  • IBC cleaning within a remote station
  • Easily integrated into IBC and lifting hoist systems
  • Direct IBC to IBC transfers
  • Fast and free flowing transfers
  • Gentle handling of delicate tablets.
  • In-line sampling