Continuous Manufacturing - QbCon® – Continuous Manufacturing

QbCon® – Your Continuous Manufacturing Starts Here

Our systempartner L.B. Bohle is the leading specialist in the production of solids. As such, they also cover the area of continuous production with their machines. Their continuous pharmaceutical production unit QbCon® includes all necessary unit operations to convert raw powdered materials to a tablet with the desired coating on it. Depending on the characteristics of the starting material and the desired properties of the finished dosage form, the continuous production line QbCon® allows to choose between direct compression, dry granulation and wet granulation.

The continuous production plant with the different areas

1.) Continuous Feeding and Blending Unit

L.B. Bohle works together with the Gericke AG for the systems for the first production step. The GZD feeder by Gericke AG represents a state of the art device for volumetric and gravimetric screw feeding of powders and granules. Furthermore they use the continuous blender GCM450P by Gericke AG, a state of the art paddle blender for gentle mixing of powders and granules.

2.) Dry / Wet Granulation

First, Bohles uses a twin-screw granulator for wet granulation – the Bohle Continuous Granulator (BCG 25) in pharma-complient design.
For drying they use roll-compaction / dry-granulation, which is a continuous process, by nature. the Bohle Roller Compactor (BRC25) does the job.
Best sieving results will be achieved through the Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS) or the Bohle Rotary Sieve (BRS) to influence the granule size distribution.

3.) Continuous Feeding and Blending Unit

This is the second feeding blending station. The principle is equal to the first one. Usually some more ingredients can be added here.

4.) Tablet Press

L.B. Bohle teamed up with the Korsch AG,who we also represent, for the tablet press. The X 3 is a robust, portable single and double layer rotary press ideal for use in small and medium volume production and clinical manufacturing.

5.) ROB 50

The ROB 50 is a robotic system for handling of tablet containers, to close the gap between the tablet press and film coating process.With this system production time is optimized, costs are reduced and risks in the production process are avoided.

6.) Coating

The KOCO® 25 is designed as a semi-continuous coater, featuring a reliable throughput while ensuring a constant residence time for all cores.

7.) Monitoring

The continuous production module QbCon® features a full integration of PAT (process analytical technology) tools using Siemens Simatic SIPAT as the PAT data management system. PAT is the core and the heart of a truly continuous process. It has the potential to replace traditional quality control of intermediates and the finished dosage form, as it consistently monitores the critical quality attributes (CQA) of them. Without PAT it is virtually impossible to control a continuous process with respect to desired product properties and the overall product quality.


Let us convince you: during a consultation in which we discuss your requirements, and during a visit to L.B. Bohle, where we would like to show you the machines in the showroom.